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A Question Of Genious

An author who refuses triviality.
Controversial, irascible and averse to norms

Miguel Louro is the soul of Quinta do Mouro. He loves what he does, and this is evident in the emotion with which he speaks about his wines. A skilful poker player, collector of antiques and a practicing dentist, he devotes most of his time to the vineyards and wine. With a vivid and captivating personality, he is known for speaking his mind and his love for controversies. This ends up showing in each bottle of wine he authors: atypical wines full of personality, the result of innovation and experimentation, refusing to please the market’s trends, using his good (and sometimes bad!) genious to contradict dogmas and always surprise.

«People say that Miguel Louro has always been like this, an iconoclast. His fight is for the authentic wines, for the honesty and for the creative freedom. He gets annoyed by a world of “certified, regulated, supervised” wines… “I am one of the few real wine makers. I make my own grapes. Consumers know that if they open a bottle of mine that it is from Estremoz.” And rest assured that “my wine has to be irreverent and controversial. As I am “… Whatever he does, whatever he says, his wines have a legion of faithful followers committed to his cause – and attracted by his image.»
– Manuel Carvalho, in Jornal Público 21.05.2016

I LOVE IRRITATIONS. What attracts people are also the difficulties. I am annoyed by the easiness ...

Miguel Louro

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