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An out-of-the-box collection of wines resulting from the refusal of absolute truths in the cellar. Or a set of provocations by Miguel Louro made of wines that, for several reasons, turned out to be the result of serendipity, improvisation or shrewd turnarounds after trail incidents. Passionate and unrepeatable.


ERRO 1 2010
AND ERRO 2 2011

Based on barrels that ended up unused for the Quinta do Mouro and Quinta do Mouro Rótulo Dourado lots, as initially thought, these two reds gained a life of their own. The first is a softer, more well-behaved wine with open and generous fruit, with harmony, silky and with a spicy finish, while the second is more tense and deep, walking the wrong paths closer to the profile of Quinta do Mouro.

ERRO 3 2013

It’s an Alentejo region red wine… but nobody would guess that. Miguel Louro recommends it for lamprey dishes, in a note of irreverence that takes us to other Portuguese wine latitudes. Challenging and provocative, with a complex and vibrant aroma, with rough tannins and a remarkable acidity, in the mouth it is a prodigy of intensity and freshness.

ERRO 4 2017

And from leftover or ostracized barrels destined to three top range wines, a new Erro is born, after some years of good behaviour… Youthful, powerful, fresh, acidic, mischievous and classic, all in contradiction and in harmony, in one of the most fun and delicious wines from Quinta do Mouro.

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